Cyprus experience. Mountains

Mountains were crucial part of my Cyprus experience. It’s a place where you can hide from high temperature and humidity, see some green plants, prepare souvla and fry halloumi. Astonishing view on other mountains, villages, reservoirs.

Artemis trail. A circle trail of 8 km around mountain of Olimpus. Must-visit place if you have a car. Easy trail, nice weather (in summer and autumn) and breathtaking views.

Are you tired dear traveler? Here’s a bench in the middle of the route. Have some rest and enjoy the view

At some places you forget that you’re still in Cyprus. It’s so wet and green around.

Kelefos bridge

Rains are is only source of drinkable water in Cyprus. Winter is a rainy season. Mountains “catch” rainy clouds, water drains with streams and end up in reservoirs.

Let’s get down and check it out

Another reservoir near Limassol. You can see that it’s quite empty. Recent years were not generous in terms of rains.

View of Limassol from the same spot

Let’s go to the Latsi and walk to the mountain. Part of straight tail.

And look from above. Trail is on the right.

It’s not lense effect. It’s halo.

Look from the other side of the mountain is gorgeous.

During other trip I swam in that water. Here’s photo from the mountain I took previous picture from.

At least 3 meters deep

Back to heights. Cape Greco. White wave foam in bottom right corner for scale.

Shoreline for scale

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